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Watching Teen Wolf s4

Still obsessing over Captain America omg

Crying over Stiles Stilinski


Reading "The Maze Runner"

Dealing with marching band

Listening to

Gender-Really Slow Motion

Pretender- Ninja Tracks


Idk basically just the entire Captain America Soundtrack it's so good omg

Muse's "The Resistence" album


You guys should definitely follow all of these amazing people!

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and if you’re still  b r e a t h i n g 
you’re the lucky ones

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Teen Wolf + text posts (part two)

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make me choose | johndiggle asked me
  nogitsune!stiles or dementia!stiles

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When a movie is so good that the DVD release doesn’t even have to put a title anywhere on the case


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@arden_cho Crystal is such a talented beauty!! Love her!

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Teen Wolf cast dancing at the MTV Movie Awards

I love how Sinqua’s up there all trying to lead a nice Jack Johnson style sway.

Except Daniel’s pulling some sort of weird half boy band move.

JR’s doing ‘the creeper’.

Dylan’s like typical bass player who’s in his own world.

Posey thinks he’s in a most pit.

And Hoechlin’s like the nerdy kid who accidentally got invited to the frat party and all he knows how to do is a Jersey Shore fist pump and a kumbayah clap.

lol Hoechlin. He’s so adorable.

Lord only two of them have any rhythm. bless their hearts

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allison argent’s first and last arrow in season 3b

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Watching Teen Wolf like “This season’s plot is trash, but I gotta watch it because Stiles and Lydia might touch once.”