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Watching Teen Wolf s4

Still obsessing over Captain America omg

Crying over Stiles Stilinski


Reading "The Maze Runner"

Dealing with marching band

Listening to

Gender-Really Slow Motion

Pretender- Ninja Tracks


Idk basically just the entire Captain America Soundtrack it's so good omg

Muse's "The Resistence" album


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Okay story time. I assumed the audio was gonna be Sharp Dressed Man and decided to download it from tumblr without listening to it

And my mom had some friends over so she took my phone to play music. She finds Sharp Dressed Man and says “OMG THIS IS MY JAM EVRYONE SHUTUP.” Everyone quiets down then this shit starts to play and everyone is looking at her and sHES JUST STANDING THERE LIKE AN IDIOT AND IM IN THE OTHER ROOM JUST FUCKING DYING AND SHE JUST KINDA SITS BACK DOWN AND TURNS THE MUSIC OFF AND ITS LIKE DEAD SILENT FOR 5 MINUTES

Was that Tobuscus

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"But I knew him."

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because who doesn’t love steve’s butt?

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'four years of this shit. four years of trying to create a compelling character out of nothing and all i'm asked is about the character's love life or who has the best abs for thezillionth time. i should have jumped ship with crystal.'

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my hand slipped

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television challenge
lydia martin “academically, lydia is one of the finest students i’ve ever had. her A.P. classes push her GPA above a 5.0. Iid actually like to have her I.Q. tested. and socially, she displays outstanding leadership qualities. i mean, she’s a real leader. (1/5 characters) 

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Steve Rogers in glasses
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hugs and kisses at comic con 2014 (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*